Wednesday, August 18, 2010

You Will Never Reach Financial Independence Working For Someone Else

“It is more admirable to be in business for yourself then to work for someone else.” – HL Mencken – American editor

It is a fact of life that it is becoming increasingly difficult for families to make ends meet. Most Americans are working harder, even taking on two jobs, and have less to show for it then previous generations. Americans are living in debt and almost every household has two adults working outside the home.

Surveys have shown that the average person will work 900,000 hours in their lives (1,800,000 hours in a two-job household) and when they retire will live on an income only 1/3 of what they were earning prior to retirement. In reality, many people may work all their lives and never be able to retire.

Adding insult to injury, during their working careers most people must endure having their boss control their income, their daily schedule and even when they can take vacation. They will also risk layoffs, downsizing and termination… regardless of performance.

How can (and do) people break this scenario? By owning their own businesses… and thousands of people are entering the world of entrepreneurship every day.

People who never thought they had an option are learning that they can own their own businesses (and their futures) and working part-time or full-time can earn substantial secondary or primary income to their families as well as realizing the meaningful tax benefits that accompany business ownership.